4 Popular Procedures a General Dentist Performs

General Dentist Palm Desert, CA

A general dentist is a primary dental professional who provides routine care to patients of all ages. Routine care typically consists of oral health maintenance and performing restorative procedures. However, there are also specific procedures that are performed by a general dentist. Continue reading to learn more!

General dentistry procedures

Outlined below are four popular procedures that general dentists perform on a regular basis. These are typically geared toward restorative efforts, which help restore the oral cavity so  it can achieve optimal health.

Dental filling placement

One of the most common procedures performed by a general dentist is the placement of dental fillings. A dental filling is a simple procedure that addresses cavities that result from an infection. An infection eats away at a tooth, so the tooth canal needs to be filled with a dental material, such as silver amalgam, gold, composite resin, or porcelain. 

Dental fillings address minor cavities. The procedure typically takes less than an hour. A general dentist may administer a light anesthetic or a minor sedative, such as laughing gas.  

Root canal

A root canal is a more involved dental procedure that tackles bigger infections in the teeth. Root canals are recommended by a general dentist when a filling or a dental crown placement are insufficient. General dentists have crafted them so they are painless, quick, and efficient.

Dental crown placement

General dentists also frequently place dental crowns because they are great solutions to mild to moderate cavities. They are also used after a root canal is performed. 

Dental crowns completely cap the back teeth and help protect against further damage or infection. The placement of a dental crown does require two appointments, with the first being the cavity treatment and temporary crown placement. The second appointment, however, involves the placement of a permanent crown, which provides long-lasting positive results. 

Deep dental cleaning

A deep dental cleaning is a popular procedure performed by a general dentist. The procedure tackles plaque and tartar build-up that has affected the gums and roots of the teeth. Often, it is performed in two appointments to allow for minimal discomfort and inflammation. Depending on the patient and dentist's preference, the first appointment may address the top arch and the second addresses the bottom arch. 

Learn more from a general dentist in Palm Desert

Want to find out more about general dentistry procedures? The best way to do that is to consult directly with the dentist. Questions and concerns can be addressed appropriately, which can help you get an initial evaluation scheduled. From there, the necessary work can be determined. Reach out today to learn more. 

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