4 Tips for Visiting a Family Dentist for the First Time

Family Dentist Palm Desert, CA

Visiting a family dentist, or any health professional, for the first time can cause some people to be a bit shy or anxious. That is a completely normal response. Read on to learn more about preparing for someone's first visit to a family dentist.

4 Tips for the first visit to a family dentist

Here are a few simple steps someone can take before their first visit to a family dentist to make their visit not only relaxing but enjoyable.

1. Have old dental records transferred

With today's technology, it is much easier to get medical records transferred and moved from place to place. Although some may still have a folder that you can take and bring to the new family dentist, typically the offices will work with each other to get the patient's records transferred.

Let the new family dentist you will be visiting know that you are a new patient and your records are being transferred. This will give plenty of time to create a patient profile and get any other additional information before the first visit.

2. Update dental insurance information

It is important for the new patient to let the family dentist know what dental insurance the person has, along with the name of the primary account holder of the insurance and whether anything has changed. By calling a few days ahead of time and getting this sorted out, it can make things much simpler and quicker on the day of the first visit.

3. Speak to the staff about any trouble spots

If there is something that has been bothering you with your teeth or gums, it is a great idea to go ahead and let the staff know the primary reason you are coming in. Of course, if it is time for one of the twice-per-year cleanings that will be done too, it is still good to let them know so they can get the area of concern prepared for the dentist to take a closer look.

However, if it is just time for your routine cleaning, that is good too. Having this done twice per year is the difference between heading off issues such as tooth decay and cavities or playing a type of Russian roulette on if something will pop up before the next professional cleaning.

4. Let the family dentist know what other family members are joining

Family dentists work with all the members of the family. Letting the staff know whether there is more than just yourself visiting can allow them to begin getting the paperwork and insurance information completed for the other members of the family, too. This will make the next visit with whatever family member seamless and easy.

Ready to get started?

Contact our office today if you have any additional questions or concerns. We are always happy to help guide patients in making the best decisions for their oral health and that of their entire family as well.

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