All-On-Four: Replacing a Full Arch of Your Teeth in 1 Day

Posted on: June 5, 2019

If you are looking for a treatment plan that will replace all your missing teeth in a single day, then consider All-On-Four. Do you want a restoration that is both stable and natural-looking? All-On-Four procedures are a type of implant surgery that can give you a full arch of new, prosthetic teeth without the lengthy wait time of traditional dental implants.

All-On-Four has same day benefits

All-On-Four utilizes a special technique that will allow patients to receive any needed tooth extractions, get the implants in place in the jawbone and walk away from the surgery with a brand-new set of teeth. This all happens over the course of a single day.

How it is possible

The process of getting same-day teeth begins with any necessary tooth extractions. Then, during the same procedure, the dentist will place the dental implants.

The All-On-Four process uses only four implants specifically designed for the procedure. The dentist will place these implants after high-tech diagnostics find the right areas of the jaw to attach them to. This needs to be an area with sufficient bone density and volume. The dentist positions the implants in a way that will provide enough stability for the entire arch of teeth.

Once the minimally invasive procedure finishes, the patient will get a temporary set of artificial teeth. These will resemble the ultimate full arch of new teeth. Patients will wear these temporary teeth until the implants have finished healing.

No bone grafting

The procedure can help almost anyone without needing to resort to bone grafting. The procedure takes advantage of the dense bone areas present in most patients. Therefore, even those who have suffered from extensive bone loss are still candidates for this same-day smile treatment.

Better ability to chew

Traditional dentures only provide about 10 percent of a patient’s normal biting and chewing power. Patients can increase this power up to 60 percent using implant-supported removable dentures. In comparison, the All-on-Four treatment can raise this chewing and biting power to between 80 and 95 percent of what the patient would get with natural teeth.

No false palate

A patient’s new teeth are going to be fixed firmly to the dental implants. Thus, there is no need for a false palate on the roof of the mouth to be held in place. False palates can inhibit a person’s taste buds as well as affect speech patterns. With the new teeth in place, a person can speak properly and fully enjoy the different flavors of food.

No further bone loss

When a patient is missing their tooth roots and the roots are not replaced, as with traditional dentures, the jawbone can begin to deteriorate. This can lead to sagging in the face, giving a person an older appearance. Dental implants will stimulate the jawbone, preventing it from diminishing any further.

Fix your smile in just one day

Do not wait any longer to fix your smile. It is possible to have a full arch of new teeth in just one day using All-On-Four. Dental implants will resemble and feel like your natural teeth. That is what makes them one great solution for your aesthetic concerns and your oral health. To learn more, talk to your dentist today.

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