An Oral Surgeon Discusses 4 Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Posted on: June 16, 2019

Sedation dentistry can help you overcome your fear of the dentist. When you are anxious about dental appointments, you may continue to put them off for extended periods. This can lead to poor oral health. It can prevent a dentist from seeing any major dental concerns while they are still in infancy. The benefits of sedation dentistry will allow you to undergo treatments while more relaxed.

Four benefits of using sedation dentistry

If patients are scared of going to the dentist, it can mean that poor dental hygiene is left unchecked. Fortunately, dentists can recommend sedation dentistry to calm people down. Here are four benefits of sedation dentistry.

Anxiety relief

One positive part of sedation dentistry is how it relieves anxiety from some of the most nervous people. It will allow patients to comfortably sit through procedures and tackle a huge reason that many people avoid the dentist.

Some patients have a small amount of anxiety before the dental procedure. However, other people can become completely overwhelmed with anxiety because they fear an oral procedure will be extremely painful or go horribly wrong. This can prevent them from getting the oral care that is so important.

Anterograde amnesia

Though most people do not find amnesia to be a good outcome from an incident, in sedation dentistry it can be very helpful. The fear many people face when going to the dentist usually had developed because of an unpleasant experience when they were younger. The anxiety compounds with each visit.

If the patient experiences discomfort, this can increase the buildup of fear. When the dentist administers sedation, the phobia cannot grow any larger. The patient’s mind is unable to create any new memories of the experience. This can actually reduce the fear the patient has coming into their following visit.

Reduced gag reflex

Normally, a gag reflex is a good thing to have. The throat naturally wants to expel foreign objects. However, when a patient is aware of what a dentist is doing inside their mouth, this gag reflex can become a problem. Sometimes, the dentist will need to go deep into the oral cavity, and a strong gag reflex can prevent that from happening.

The patient’s gagging can sometimes create damage, depending on what the dentist is doing in the mouth. With sedation dentistry, this is not a problem because the sedation will paralyze the gag reflex. The patient will be more comfortable, and the dentist can work more efficiently.

Pain relief

Anxiety related to the dentist is understandable. Patients do not enjoy tooth or gum pain. With sedation dentistry, the patient will feel nothing. The brain is unable to register pain when the dentist uses sedatives and anesthetics. It is common to want pain-free dental care, and this makes sedation dentistry a popular option.

Enjoy the benefits of sedation dentistry

Whether you are scared of pain, have a strong gag reflex, or just do not want to remember what happens during a procedure, sedation dentistry can help you. Dentists can recommend it if you have a lot of anxiety. Do not let your fear prevent you from getting the help you need. Talk to a dentist about possible sedation options.

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