Do Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Do Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

Dentists are commonly asked if veneers can ruin teeth. Veneers are ceramic shells shaped like teeth placed over the regular chompers to improve appearance. Veneers alter the shade, size, and shape of teeth. Indeed, veneers are not designed to ruin teeth in any way. Instead, these porcelain or resin pieces attached to the front surface of the teeth do the exact opposite. Here is a closer look at veneers to see if they have any potential at all to backfire and damage the teeth.

Veneers Do Not Cause Damage to Teeth

Veneers do a fantastic job of improving the aesthetic of discolored teeth. Whether the teeth are stained due to excessive fluoride, medications, coffee consumption or anything else, veneers will cover the discoloration. Veneers can also conceal portions of teeth worn due to erosion, chipping, grinding, and breaks. Veneers applied by a savvy dentist will not threaten your teeth. What matters is the extent of the damage caused by insufficient oral hygiene and poor diet. Veneers will successfully conceal the damage as long as it is within reason.

How Dentists Prevent Veneers From Damaging the Teeth

The dentist starts the dental veneer process by carefully analyzing the teeth. The dentist will take X-rays to ensure the teeth are healthy. The veneers can be placed as long as the decay is not extensive. To prepare the tooth for the veneer placement, the dentist must remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the surface. The amount of enamel removed is just about the same as the veneer's thickness applied to the surface of the tooth. The dentist forms an impression or model of the tooth. The model is provided to experts at the dental lab who build the custom veneer. All in all, it usually takes a couple of weeks to get the customized veneers back from the lab. These are the custom-tailored veneers every patient deserves.

You Have the Power to Prevent Veneers From Damaging Your Teeth

Though veneers serve as quite the critical barriers, they can still form decay down below with inadequate diet and poor hygiene. Do your part to keep your teeth clean, and you will be able to leave your dental veneer in place through your golden years without worry.

Non-prep Veneers are the Wave of the Future

Non-prep veneers have emerged as a safe means of beautifying the teeth. Opt for non-prep veneers and your tooth will be slightly reshaped so the veneer can fit perfectly. No-prep veneers do not damage the teeth. Furthermore, you do not have to prepare ahead of time or attend multiple sessions. The No-prep veneer is the low-maintenance approach patients have been clamoring to have. There is no need to wear down any portion of the tooth enamel. It does not get any more minimalist or efficient than non-prep veneers. The best part is the teeth retain their form, there is minimal pain, and the entire process is over sooner rather than later.

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