Four Facts About Mini Dental Implants

Posted on: October 2, 2019

Mini dental implants are one of the few complete missing tooth replacement options. The implant replaces the missing tooth as well as its roots. This keeps your jawbone tissue properly stimulated, preventing the bone tissue loss that is associated with missing a tooth. The implant is an artificial root that is inserted into the patient's jaw. An artificial tooth or some other dental prosthetic can then be attached to it to replace the lost tooth. Implants are normally made with titanium, but they can be made with other materials like zirconium.

It is a more comfortable option than prosthetics like dentures and bridges, and it is also the more convenient option. It does not require any sort of specialized cleaning on the patient's part. Regular oral hygiene is all that is needed to keep mini implants in excellent condition.

Important things to know about mini dental implants

Here are some important facts anyone who is exploring missing tooth replacement should know about mini dental implants:

1. Excellent success rate

Mini dental implants have a high success rate, and that becomes even higher if the procedure is being performed by an experienced dentist. Studies indicate the success rate for implant installation can be as high as 95%.

2. Requires less bone tissue

Mini implants are an awesome solution for those who want conventional implants but do not have the required bone tissue for the procedure. Such people often have to undergo bone grafts – which can take up to three months to recover from – before being deemed eligible for implants. Less bone tissue is required when mini implants are being installed, allowing people with limited bone tissue to get implants without having to go through the process of getting bone grafts.

3. It can be crowned on the same day

The way conventional implants work, patients often have to wait up to six months after implant installation for the prosthetic to fuse with the surrounding bone tissue before an artificial tooth is attached to it. Things are completely different with mini implants.

Thanks to their smaller size and the type of teeth they are typically used to replace, mini implants can have an artificial tooth attached to them the same day they are inserted into the patient's jaw. That means the patient's smile can be fully restored by the time the appointment is over.

4. Looks and feels natural

Just like traditional implants, mini dental implants look and feel natural to the wearer. They do not slip or move around as they are firmly secured by bone tissue. It goes way past simply restoring the patient's smile; it restores their confidence and increases their quality of life. They get to enjoy all their favorite meals without having to worry about their prosthetic. When it is time for oral hygiene, they simply do the same thing they have been doing their entire lives.

Come explore mini implants with us

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