General Dentistry: Treatments for Yellow Teeth

Posted on: January 1, 2020

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General dentistry has many uses and benefits for patients of all ages. When you visit your dentist for semiannual appointments, you will get an exam, teeth cleaning and counsel from the dental staff on proper oral care. Dental appointments can also help with restorative care and cosmetic issues. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, there are treatments available to make them whiter. Whether you want to do something in the office or at home, your dentist can introduce you to some effective options.

How teeth get yellow

Teeth are naturally white, which for most people is an attractive color and enhances one’s appearance and smile. Over time, however, teeth can develop yellow stains. This unappealing color can cause embarrassment and make people not want to smile or be in social situations. Poor brushing habits can cause tartar buildup. When tartar hardens, it appears yellow. Also, yellow stains can appear by drinking beverages such as wine, coffee and soda.

Store-bought products

Before seeing a dentist, some patients may prefer to try some over-the-counter products. Many grocery stores and drugstores sell toothpaste with teeth-whitening agents. Using the toothpaste twice a day for several weeks or months can improve one’s teeth by one color shade. Teeth-whitening strips are also available. Individuals should wear these at different points throughout the day. These can have similar results as the toothpaste products.

In-office treatment

Patients with significant yellow stains on their teeth could consider teeth-whitening treatments at the dental office. People often choose to make this part of general dentistry visits. This treatment uses concentrated peroxide gel to improve the whiteness by several shades. Some options may use lights to enhance the effectiveness of the bleaching. The treatment usually takes places in two stages at one visit for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. The patient should notice a difference within a couple of days.

Take-home trays

Another common way to remove yellow stains from teeth is to take home mouthguard-like trays. The dentist will send the patient home with peroxide gel to place in custom-made trays. The patient will wear the trays at night for several weeks. The effects may not be as effective as the in-office method. The patient should notice whiter teeth for several months. However, the patient should go to the dentist for additional gel once the solution runs out. Patients may experience some irritation with the trays. Therefore, it is important to inform the dentist if this occurs.

Choose an option that fits your general dentistry goals

Your dentist can help you choose an option that makes the most sense for you. Consider your needs and how much improvement your teeth need. If you decide to go with a store-bought treatment, ask your dentist for a recommendation. Your dentist can also prescribe effective in-office solutions. Make an appointment with your dentist today. Then you can get rid of those ugly yellow stains and regain the bright, beautiful smile you have been looking for.

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