How Long Does it Take to Get Used to Partial Dentures?

Posted on: July 5, 2019

Finding out what is involved when needing partial dentures is a great way for you to know exactly what to expect. When you know what you expect, you are more likely to experience success as you will be fully prepared.

When you are missing a few of your teeth, partial dentures are often the ideal solution. This tooth replacement option is commonly chosen by dental patients who are missing teeth and want to improve their oral health.

Why dentures are necessary

Wondering just how necessary partial dentures are when you are missing a few of your teeth? When you are missing teeth, you need to find a replacement option as your mouth is designed to function with a full set of teeth. If you do not, then you will eventually begin to experience various types of oral problems, like crooked teeth and a bad bite.

Dentures allow you to once again have a full set of teeth, which is going to allow you to once again perform your everyday functions with ease.

Partial and full dentures

Dentures are prosthetic dental devices that are used to replace missing teeth. When a dental patient is missing most or all of their teeth, then full dentures are necessary. When a dental patient is only missing a few other teeth, then all they need is partial dentures to replace their missing teeth. Partial dentures can be fixed or removable, with two of the more common types including flexible partial dentures and cast metal partial dentures.

Denture benefits

The benefits that come with choosing partial dentures when missing a few teeth are many. These benefits include, but are not limited to, keeping teeth in their proper position, the ability to talk with more clarity, the ability to chew easier and restoring one’s smile.

How long is the adjustment period for partial dentures?

When partial denture wearers first wear their new dentures, it is necessary for them to get used to wearing a new dental appliance in their mouth. New dentures can feel bulky when first placed in the mouth, which is something people are not used to. It will take time to get used to wearing new dentures, which can take anywhere between three and nine weeks. Most new denture wearers claim it only took them about three to four weeks to get used to their new dentures.

Because it does take time to get used to wearing partial dentures, new denture wearers should practice eating and talking at home before going out in public. This will allow them to feel more confident when connecting with other people.

Are you currently in need of partial dentures?

Are you currently missing a few teeth? Then partial dentures just may be the solution to your missing teeth problem. It really is essential that you find a tooth replacement option as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will continue to experience poor oral health, which is something you want to avoid. When your oral health is poor, you are more likely to experience poor general health, too. If you have any questions, we are here for you!

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