How to Choose a Dental Implant Dentist

Posted on: January 14, 2016


When looking to replace your missing teeth, you should visit our office for dental implants. Learning how to choose a dental implant dentist is important because this is the most permanent way to replace your teeth. In other words, you want to get it right the first time. At Dr. Daddio and Dr. Kim Dental Group, we place dental implants and mini dental implants on a regular basis. Our depth of experience allows us to do so in a way that is as comfortable as possible while producing stunning and durable results. If you live in Palm Desert, CA or the 92260 area, we encourage you to call (760) 394-3088 and schedule a consultation to see if you qualify for this revolutionary procedure.

How to Choose a Dental Implants Dentist

#1 – Look for a location near you.

Our office is conveniently located at:

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Palm Desert, CA 92260

We recommend that you visit a dental implants dentist located near your home or work because the procedure typically takes several appointments. You will need to schedule a consultation, appointments for the procedure, and follow-ups. By visiting a local dentist, it will be far easier for you to fit dentistry into your schedule, rather than needing to move things around.

#2 – Look for experience.

At Dr. Daddio and Dr. Kim Dental Group, we have the experience required to make the dental implant placement and restoration process go smoothly. This is a surgical procedure that requires a skilled and steady hand. Typically, the more clinical practice a dentist has placing mini dental implants or traditional dental implants, the better the outcome. To learn more about our specific experience, call (760) 394-3088.

#3 – Look for results.

When you visit our California dental office, we will be happy to show you pictures of smiles that have been restored using mini dental implants or traditional dental implants. We recommend visiting a dentist who has completed the dental implant placement ad restoration procedure in a way that looks flawless or natural. You should not be able to tell the difference between the natural teeth and the implant.

#4 – Compare pricing.

When it comes to the dental implants costs, the amount you pay will depend on several factors. For example, mini dental implants are often less expensive than traditional ones because the procedure is less invasive and completed in less time. Traditional dental implants costs are per replacement tooth, and you can elect to have one or all of them placed based on what you can afford right now. Additionally, there are financing options available to help augment the dental implants costs.

How to Choose a Dental Implant Dentist: Things to Keep in Mind

Mini dental implants are not offered everywhere, so many of our patients visit us for this specific procedure even if they are under the care of a general dentist. If you are considering a dental implant placement and restoration, we encourage you to call (760) 394-3088 and schedule an appointment with our clinic so you can learn about the pros and cons of both options for your particular situation.

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