Important Parts of a Dental Exam and Cleaning Visit

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Having a regular cleaning and dental exam is essential if you want to keep your teeth clean. People often make regular dental visits, but you might want to get one every six months. That way, you can keep the mouth healthier. Of course, your dentist can help you determine how often you need to come in for a visit.

Why the dentist needs to examine the teeth

Tooth decay is often tricky to spot, particularly for patients who might not know what signs to notice. Gum disease is not painless until it has advanced, and when that happens, the damage cannot be reversed. Dental exams let the dentist take X-rays to examine the inside of the mouth. Plus, the dentist can assess various places in the mouth for potential issues. That might include:

  • Looking at the oral tissues
  • Looking over the gums
  • Seeing if there is tooth decay
  • Measuring the patient’s bite
  • Seeing if any teeth are loose
  • Finding evidence of tooth decay

Detecting cavities

The dentist can find cavities when they happen. The dentist has technology that allows them to find even the tiniest hole in the teeth. That way, the dentist will not need to remove as much enamel when treating the issue. If the cavity is small, the treatment is relatively painless, and it does not take long. However, a larger one requires more work, and the patient might have permanent damage to the teeth.

Removing plaque

The dentist also has tools designed to remove plaque from the teeth. Even with the proper flossing and brushing routine, the patient will still have some plaque buildup. That can then harden into tartar, which is impossible to remove at home. The dentist can use tools in the office to remove both tartar and plaque. That way, the patient will not be at as high of a risk for gum disease.

The dentist will look for swelling in the gum area and see if the gums have any redness. The dentist can also look for pockets in the gums. That would indicate a buildup of plaque under the gumline. If the patient does not have the gum disease treated, the patient might lose the teeth.

Cleaning the teeth

A critical part of the dental exam includes cleaning the gums and teeth well. If the patient does not have gum disease, the dentist will do regular cleaning. However, if the patient has gum disease, it might be necessary to do a deep cleaning. The dentist might do a checkup every six months or so. That way, the dentist can see if the patient has good oral health.

Choose the right dental exam and cleaning

The right dentist will have several years of experience and will efficiently diagnose oral conditions and diseases. The dental staff can answer questions you have about the cleaning process. That way, you can get the proper cleaning done for you. Scheduling your appointment today is the first step in a better smile.

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