Manage Anxiety During Dental Implant Placement

Posted on: February 15, 2020

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Dental implant placement can be nerve-wracking; however, with the help of anxiety management, the appointment can be easier. The surgery typically requires a pretty hefty time commitment at the dentist’s office, which can be frightening. This is where anxiety management comes into play. 

If dental implants are in your future, then consider anxiety management. In this article, learn what anxiety management is and what to expect from it. If it is a significant concern, it is ultimately best to consult with an oral surgeon or dentist about anxiety management for implant placement.

Managing anxiety during implant surgery

Many patients have some degree of fear about implant placement or otherwise experience dental anxiety. Fortunately there are multiple possible management techniques to reduce this problem.

What is anxiety management?

Anxiety management is used quite often within dentistry because a lot of people have trouble with dentist appointments. A dentist can refer to a number of different anxiety management tools, including laughing gas or methods of sedation. The preferred method of management depends heavily on the patient’s preference.

When it comes to dental implant placement, anxiety management is usually handled with the use of sedation. Sedation such as anesthesia and or oral medication can help ease the patient’s nerves before and during the dental implant procedure.

When is anxiety management necessary?

When looking at getting dental implants placed, a lot of people get fearful because surgery is required. These implants are placed within a person’s gums, which requires small incisions to be made. Once the incisions are made, the titanium implants are screwed into the jawbone, which can be an anxiety-producing procedure as well.

It is only natural to be nervous about having one's gums cut into as well as having the jawbone drilled into. However, these surgical procedures are overall quite safe, and with the help of anxiety management, dental implant placement can go a lot smoother than most people think. An oral surgeon will most likely require that the patient be put under so that they are unconscious during the procedure itself. This too can significantly help with managing anxiety.

What is the dentist’s part in dealing with anxiety?

Before the dental implants are placed, the oral surgeon or dentist can talk with the patient to come up with a plan to get through the placement. They will likely explain the procedure in depth so that the patient understands every step, thus helping to improve some of the anxiety. It is also up to the dentist or oral surgeon to make the patient feel safe through encouragement and past testimonials.


Want to know more about dental implant placement and how anxiety can be managed during dental surgery? Talk to a dental professional to determine what is the best solution for any anxiety that you may be experiencing, as well as to go over the implanting process so that you are familiar with the procedure.

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