Why Our Patients Love Mini-Dental Implants

Posted on: April 1, 2016

Mini-Dental ImplantsMini-dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. At our local dentist office, we regularly provide them to patients who have lost several of their teeth or are experiencing full and complete tooth loss. The benefit to mini implants is that you are able to have a secure prosthetic that will remain in place and not need to be removed on a nightly basis, as you would with dentures.

This is an incredibly popular treatment with our patients. Here’s why –

#1 They look natural.

When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, you get the benefit of a new tooth that looks exactly as your natural when did perhaps even better. This is because dental implants are a standalone solution that do not use your surrounding teeth for security, or wires and clasps, as would be common with dental bridges or dentures. As a result, the tooth stands independently and looks incredibly natural. When creating the dental crown or tooth portion of your implant we take measurements and an impression of your mouth as well as matching the existing shade of your natural teeth. This way, once it is placed you will not be able to tell the difference between your natural tooth and the one that was replaced with a mini-dental implant.

#2  They are secure.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people who have lost a tooth or several teeth is that they stop being able to live life without thinking about their teeth. This may seem like a small nuance, however, it’s actually an incredibly big deal because it influences what you think about when you go out to eat with your friends or when you decide to put on your running shoes and hit the pavement. If you’re thinking about your teeth all the time they become a hindrance – one that most people do not have time for. This is one of the biggest benefits of replacing teeth with implants. They are surgically placed and secured to your jawbone, which means that they are as secure as your natural teeth are. As a result, you never have to think about your teeth after you have healed from the procedure.

#3 Mini-dental implants are convenient.

When comparing the solution to traditional and dental implants, many people prefer the mini dental implants because they will frequently work for patients that have lost a portion of their bone density due to tooth loss and resorption. Traditional implants are longer and thinner so they require your jawbone to be denser.  The problem is that after toothless you will begin to go through resorption where the body leaches calcium away from your jawbone for use elsewhere. The result is a jawbone that often is weak and requiring of a bone grafting procedure prior to having implants placed. Mini-dental implants are shorter and wider so they very often do not require this initial step. As a result, the process can be completed much faster.

If you would like to discuss mini-dental implants further or find out if a procedure is right for you, call and schedule a consultation with our dental office today.

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