Tips To Stop Your Favorite Drinks From Staining Your Teeth

Tips To Stop Your Favorite Drinks From Staining Your Teeth

Cheese tastes terrific, yet it also improves oral health. Cheese helps offset the staining potential of your favorite drinks. Eat some cheese the next time you indulge in wine or another drink that will stain your teeth, and you will find your chompers look better than expected. The consumption of cheese causes teeth-strengthening calcium to accumulate on the pearly whites. Furthermore, cheese closes those tiny micropores along the surface, making it that much more difficult for the teeth to be stained.

Mix Some Milk Into Your Coffee

Plain black coffee is terrible for the teeth. The hue of your coffee does impact how deep the stains are on the teeth. Add milk to your daily cup of Joe, and it will lighten the shade, giving your pearly whites the protection they need against the drink's staining acids. It is interesting to note it is only animal milk that thwarts staining in such a manner. Something like soy milk will not adequately protect the teeth against stains as does regular milk from a cow.

Reduce Your Consumption of Caffeine

It is not only the color of the beverage that stains the teeth. Staining is also determined by the level of caffeine in the drink. Opt for decaf coffee or coffee with less caffeine, and you will find it leaves less significant staining or no staining at all on your teeth. The less caffeine there is, the fewer polyphenols there are and the less staining will occur. If necessary, gradually wean yourself off caffeine and onto decaf across several weeks or months.

Rinse After Indulging in Your Favorite Drinks

Rinse out your mouth with water after consuming your favorite teeth-staining beverages. You can also rinse with mouthwash to add extra fighting protection. Though some recommend traditionally cleaning the teeth after drinking tea, coffee, wine, soda or another beverage that stains, it is best to wait about 20 minutes so the sensitive tooth enamel can settle. Go ahead and brush your teeth after this period has passed.

Alter the Manner in Which You Drink

The contact between the beverage and your teeth determines whether staining occurs. If the liquid does not contact your teeth, staining will not happen. Use a straw instead of drinking directly out of the cup, glass or thermos. This way, the beverage will not have the chance to splash over your teeth. Just be sure to resist the temptation to swig the liquid around in your mouth after sucking it up with the straw.

Stimulate the Production of Saliva

The mouth needs saliva to wash over the teeth and gums, perform a self-cleaning and keep breath smelling halfway-decent. Chew sugarless gum with xylitol between meals to clean your teeth and stimulate the production of saliva. Consuming food high in fiber like broccoli will help generate even more saliva and combat the threat of stains.

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