What Is Neuromuscular TMJ Treatment?

Posted on: January 14, 2016


If you have a sore jaw, constant headaches, pain while eating or speaking, or feel as though your teeth hurt in the morning, you may have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). This is a serious condition that often starts with minor irritation but can lead to difficulty opening your jaw or severe pain if left untreated. At Dr. Daddio and Dr. Kim Dental Group, we offer our Palm Desert patients with a neuromuscular TMJ treatment that can provide much-needed relief. To find out if you are a candidate for these treatment solutions, call (760) 394-3088 and schedule an appointment with our 99260 dental office.

What Is Neuromuscular TMJ Treatment?

Very often, TMJ is caused by a misalignment of the jaw. This can be caused by the physical shape or placement of the jaw or teeth that are forcing the jaw to come together incorrectly. Our neuromuscular TMJ treatment focuses on correcting this misalignment in order to provide physical relief from pain or discomfort. If crooked or misshapen teeth are causing the misalignment, they can be corrected using orthodontics or cosmetic procedures like contouring or even the placement of dental veneers. If the jaw is causing the problem, more significant orthodontics or even oral surgery may be necessary to treat it.

The other type of TMJ treatment involves something incredibly simple: wearing a night guard. At Dr. Daddio and Dr. Kim Dental Group, we have found that when people grind or clench their teeth at night, it can put a great deal of strain on the Temporomandibular joint. This can lead to intense discomfort, headaches, and face and jaw pain in the morning. Fortunately, by providing you with a removable night guard, we can prevent your teeth from touching and eliminate the discomfort before it ever begins.

To learn more about TMJ treatment solutions, call our 92260 dental office at (760) 394-3088.

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