Who Should I Visit for Tooth Replacement?

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If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth, it can seem overwhelming to figure out how to get the teeth replaced. No one enjoys having teeth missing, and it can cause a lot of anxiety and fear when being in social settings.

However, with recent advancements in dental technology, now is an excellent time to begin looking at tooth replacement options. Most of the procedures are completed in less than a few weeks and can have anyone looking and feeling amazing. Along with the added health benefits of having replacement teeth, people will no longer have to worry about issues of the jaw bone deteriorating or gum issues that can occur when teeth are not present in the mouth.

Who do I visit for teeth replacement?

Having teeth replaced can be a bit scary, but in the end, it is an exciting time! With how easy procedures are nowadays, these steps can bring excitement instead of worry. Today we will look at who a person can visit to have a tooth or multiple teeth replaced.

A dentist is a good start

Sure, one may have been skipping their dental appointments for years and may even feel guilty for not going. However, when they have decided that it is time to get a tooth or multiple teeth replaced, a dentist will be your best friend.

Most people do not think about how dentists see thousands of mouths in their life as a dentist. There is nothing they have not seen or worked on before. So, when it is time to have a first consultation about getting teeth replaced, one should feel proud about the decision that they are making!

Because dentists know the importance of keeping a full mouth of teeth for many reasons, they will be proud of the decision too!

Do cosmetic dentists perform tooth replacement?

Cosmetic dentists are professionals that focus their dental career on increasing the look and feel of a person's teeth. Although it will be important to visit a general dentist first, after they have given a clean bill of health and you know your mouth is ready for teeth replacement, a cosmetic dentist could be the next step.

Cosmetic dentists focus on a person's smile and enhancing all aspects of a person's oral health, with a focus on great looking teeth. They will know the latest technologies that can be used, as well as which ones to work with to improve and get any teeth replaced and looking their best.

Visiting a cosmetic dentist can be helpful if there are multiple steps or procedures that need to be done (which is very common). By going to a cosmetic dentist, a person will have the comfort of knowing that they are working with someone that does this exact procedure and takes the necessary steps for different patients depending on their need.

Should I do anything before teeth replacement?

The best thing that one can do is to continue their daily oral hygiene regimen. If yours has not been the best, this is the time to get into new habits. Once the teeth are replaced it will be important to keep these healthy habits to ensure no more teeth are lost and a healthy smile is kept for the long term!

If you have any additional questions about having teeth replaced, contact us today and we can answer any questions you may have!

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