Why You Need a Smile Makeover

Posted on: August 15, 2018

smile makeover

A smile makeover is the process of restoring the appearance of a person's teeth. At times, it is just what a person needs to give them a confidence boost. When it comes to social interactions, first impressions go a long way. It is one of those things that can shape how others perceive you.

People with healthy-looking smiles are often viewed as attractive and successful, while those with damaged teeth are seen as unattractive and unsuccessful. With so many assumptions being made based on the condition of a person's teeth, it is no surprise that people who are not happy with the way their teeth look tend to feel self-conscious when interacting with others.

Popular reasons why you might need a smile makeover

There are a wide range of dental issues that can be addressed with a smile makeover. These issues have one thing in common: They all lead to the person feeling unhappy with the way they look. Here are eight reasons why a person might want to get a smile makeover:

  1. Badly discolored teeth that look dirty even after they have just been cleaned
  2. Broken, cracked or chipped teeth
  3. A smile that shows more gums than teeth
  4. Pain or discomfort when biting down or chewing food
  5. Spaces between teeth
  6. A new job that requires having a great smile
  7. Any dental issue that negatively affects the appearance of a person's teeth
  8. Low self-esteem due to the appearance of teeth

How damaged teeth can affect your self-image

When a person feels self-conscious because of the appearance of their smile, it usually leads to poor social interactions. It is difficult to interact with others when one is not feeling great about their appearance.

Feeling self-conscious when teeth are in poor condition is quite normal. Most people feel that way because there are social consequences for having unsightly teeth. People tend to view those with bad teeth as unattractive and unsuccessful. These are serious judgments on a person's character that can push others away.

These judgments people make are reflected in movies and other media. The "hero" in most productions is typically someone with a great smile, while villains and criminals have unsightly teeth.

Fortunately, thanks to the treatments performed during smile makeovers, no one needs to suffer from low self-esteem when all it takes to restore teeth is a visit to the dentist. Once a person's confidence is restored, their outlook on life is as well.

What is a smile makeover?

Smile makeovers are single or multiple dental treatments that are done with the goal of drastically improving the appearance of a person's smile. Common treatments performed during smile makeovers include veneers, teeth whitening, partial dentures, composite bonds and orthodontic treatments.

Anyone of these procedures can drastically improve a person's smile and restore their confidence.

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